About Us

The Pasl is a small family-owned business built on three core foundations:

  1. Quality – We ensure the products we choose to sell are effective and of exceptional quality.  
  2. Service – We make it a priority to provide our customers and partners with excellent service.
  3. Innovation – We strive to sell products that are unique, unknown and compelling.  

All the products we choose to sell on our website have proven to be superior, practical and different for every home. We do extensive research and ensure that each product we select meets our thorough requirements on quality and innovation to provide our customers with a carefree, efficient and confident shopping experience. We want to save our customers time and money by only offering unique, popular and robust products at a competitive price. 

In addition to providing our customers with products already established in the market, we recognize that there are a lot of brilliant people out there with original and innovative ideas that have yet to be discovered. We want to partner with those inventors, and be the platform that introduces and promotes their diverse inventions directly to the consumers. Our aspiration is to work with small independent businesses and other organizations alike to grow and succeed together as a community, which is by providing our customers with better everything.  

What does The Pasl mean?

The Pasl (pronounced puh-sull) means "the store" in the country of Nepal.