Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Microfiber Chenille Dog Towel with Hand Pockets

Pictured above is an adorable Shih Tzu named Bhalu. Like some dogs, Bhalu has a love and hate relationship with taking baths. He loves being clean and pampered so he can jump around his sister’s bed, but he hates the idea of being wet and cold afterwards. I have been using a regular towel dedicated just for Bhalu after giving him baths. However, I find it very difficult to keep the towel in place and get under his belly to pat him dry. Being unable to completely dry him results in me carrying and rushing him to the backyard. In this process, I not only have to deal with a wet dog, but a very wet bathroom floor as well. I wanted to find another way so after some research, I decided to give the Soggy Doggy Shammy Super Towel a try.

The most difficult part of bathing Bhalu is catching him. The moment he hears the word “Bath,” the running and chasing process begins. Once the first step was complete, I was able to finish off his bath by using the Soggy Doggy Shammy Super Towel which was more convenient than I expected. It has pockets at the end of the towel where dog lovers can put their hands in to hold the towel in place. I also loved the material of the dog towel as it absorbed the water from his hair quickly. I was pleased (and I am sure so was Bhalu) that I was able to use the ends to go under Bhalu’s tummy and dry it.

The price is affordable and reasonable. Overall, Bhalu and I will give the Soggy Doggy Shammy Super Towel a 5/5 for its fabric material, aesthetics, convenience and effectiveness. I had a much easier time using the towel to give Bhalu a bath and even though Bhalu looks a little upset in the picture below, he appreciates being dry and clean until he can go out and play in the grass again.